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Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week

Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week is a three-year initiative to celebrate the ways in which partnerships between grassroots community groups and philanthropy build strong and vibrant places to live and work.

Each year, it will culminate in a week-long celebration of what has been achieved around Australia thanks to strong partnerships between community groups and those that support and work with them, whether they are philanthropic trusts and foundations, businesses or individuals.

In 2015, Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week will be held between 7 to 13 December. The theme of this year's celebration is achieving more together.

Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week (CPPW) is an initiative supported through the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership and managed by Philanthropy Australia in partnership with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.

Celebrating the Week

It’s up to each community to decide how best to recognise and celebrate these achievements, but some ideas may include:

  • Creating a publication to record what you've achieved in partnership with philanthropy, and launching it during CPPW
  • Hosting a tour for partners, local media and other key stakeholders of some of the projects you’ve completed together with the support of philanthropic partners
  • Undertaking research into the impact of your group’s work in your local community, and launching it during CPPW
  • Holding a forum about how you developed and sustain your philanthropic partnerships, to share lessons with others and demonstrate the value of philanthropy to potential new partners
  • Hosting an afternoon high tea or gala dinner featuring special guests and speakers highlighting what you've achieved together
  • Hosting a picnic in the park featuring storytelling, speakers and activities to bring together your volunteers, supporters and those who benefit from your work
  • Running a student artwork competition using the theme achieving more together
  • Creating a short film showcasing what you've achieved together for your community, and holding a public screening

Grants to support celebrations

The 2015 CPPW grants program is now closed.

Philanthropy is not just something that is done by high-net-worth individuals and corporations. The reality is that it takes place in communities across Australia every day, as people contribute their time and talent, as well as their own funds, to make a better community.

Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week is a chance for grassroots community groups and their philanthropic partners to showcase and promote the great work they are already doing in the cities and regions right across Australia. It is also an opportunity to share knowledge and best practice, and to strengthen or develop new relationships and partnerships.

To help community groups and their philanthropic supporters celebrate their partnerships, $160,000 will be made available each year in grants of up to $10,000. These funds must be used for a project that will take place during Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week. Retrospective projects will not be funded.

The program is being independently administered by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and is open to not-for-profit groups operating in urban or rural and regional Australia. CPPW and the grants program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Go to for more information.

Further information

Visit the CPPW website for more information on how you can get ready to celebrate the wonderful things that happen when community and philanthropy come together.

Even if your group doesn't receive a grant, we hope that you will still organise a celebration of what you have achieved in partnership with philanthropy during Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week.

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