Building vibrant, adaptive rural, regional and remote communities

Captured during a tour of Qld drought-affected communities
Drought-affected towns like Windorah, benefited from FRRR grants this year

FRRR’s vision is for vibrant and adaptive rural, regional and remote communities. We believe this can be achieved by harnessing the economic and social strengths that exist in communities. In partnership with the private sector, philanthropy and governments, we provide resources for projects and programs that create the change communities aspire to achieve.

Communities have different needs at different times, depending on the economic, social and physical environment. We have identified several factors that are consistently prevalent in viable, vibrant and adaptive communities. By investing in projects that address these factors, we believe we can positively effect change and help to create sustainable and vibrant communities. These factors are:

  1. Strong Leadership & Community Capacity:  Investing and developing leadership, skills and capacity of individuals and organisations, enhancing inclusion and strengthening culture.
  2. Sustainable Community Infrastructure: Projects focussing on improving local infrastructure, creating places which enable communities to connect and grow their identity.
  3. Equitable Access to Opportunities: Ensuring equitable access to quality services and opportunities in the areas of culture, arts, education, health, wellbeing, communications, transport, food and the environment.
  4. Vibrant Local Economies: Projects that enhance a sustainable economy, providing jobs, growth and wealth for the community.

This part of the online review provides a snapshot of some of the investments we have made to help communities across rural, regional and remote Australia. We encourage you to explore them.

  • Click on the boxes below to read case studies about the investments we have made with our donor partners.
  • Read more case studies in the full version of the 2014/15 Annual Review.




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