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This is an extract from the Chairman’s report – for the full message, read the PDF version of the Review.

2015/16 was another successful year of effective regional support by FRRR. My special thanks to our generous donor partners, committed community leaders, dedicated directors and talented staff who made it so. 

There have been changes with our senior program manager Natalie Egleton appointed as CEO following the departure of Alexandra Gartmann along with one of our founding Directors, Mrs Margaret Smith AO, who resigned after 15 years of outstanding service. Margaret will continue to share her experience and skills as a member of the Small Grants for Rural Communities and Caring for Ageing Rural Australians assessment committees.

I acknowledge the generous contribution of each FRRR Director and those who serve on sub-committees and program assessment panels – all do so voluntarily, and their contributions are appreciated.

Thanks and congratulations to our staff, who so effectively service our national and far flung programs from FRRR’s Bendigo base. Through the inevitable pressures of leadership change, they have provided on-going excellent service to the thousands of community groups who have contacted the office this year.

We are deeply grateful to our many donors and partners for maintaining their financial and personal support of FRRR programs, and particularly those who have renewed, and in some cases extended, their commitment. We welcome those who are new and look forward to working with all of you in tackling the complex needs of rural, regional and remote communities.

Nationally, the relatively smaller rural and remote population base, low profile and the dilemma of distance mean that many worthwhile local initiatives struggle to come to fruition and need the assistance of FRRR and our partners. Much has been achieved in our first 16 years but recovery from natural disasters, achieving social equality and sustaining community wellbeing remain of concern for many in rural, regional and remote Australia. FRRR will continue to work closely with our partners in supporting local leaders as they tackle these challenges.

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