An Extract from the CEO's Report

While much has changed since FRRR’s inception 17 years ago, many similar pressures remain for rural, regional and remote Australia. This calls for a focus on building local capability and capacity to adapt and respond to global and domestic challenges. In this respect, FRRR’s role is more important than ever.

The past year has been one of listening, learning, focusing in on purpose and articulating the most impactful roles that FRRR can play in strengthening the people, places and prosperity of rural, regional and remote communities.

We are privileged, thanks to the support of 590 donor partners, to help catalyse effective locally-led responses to the ongoing and emerging challenges facing rural Australia. Our partnerships continue to grow and evolve and together we have continued to develop and deliver programs that provide targeted support and respond to the evolving needs of communities. This year, we made 743 grants totalling nearly $6.7 million to projects that help build and sustain vibrant, adaptive rural communities.

It is all too easy to take the relationships that underpin this for granted, but they are fundamental, as is the trust given to FRRR by communities and our donor partners, to reflect and respond to their priorities and needs, and work alongside them to deliver positive outcomes. These relationships are deeply valued by all of us at FRRR.

CEO - Pampas Progress Association

Prioritising our role of conduit / connector was the driver behind moving to a state based structure, which has enabled deeper listening and dialogue with communities about what matters to them. Over the past year, the FRRR team and I have travelled thousands of kilometres to meet with communities, deliver workshops, roundtable events and presentations, and spent more than 400 hours on the phone talking to community leaders. The innovation, resilience, and determination demonstrated at every level within communities never ceases to inspire and impress the whole team.

These first-hand experiences and insights mean we can shine a light on the challenges and the dynamic approaches being taken by communities, contribute to thought leadership on key issues, highlight what is possible with informed, practical and targeted funding support, and leverage FRRR’s model to increase that support.

I hope that the stories that we’ve shared in this year’s Review give you greater insight into the impact of the work we do together.

To read my full message, please click through to the Annual Review.

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Natalie Egleton
Chief Executive Officer

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