Developing Organisational Resilience and Capacity

Finding the right resources locally can be challenging. That’s why we welcome grant applications that support strategic and operational planning, organisational revenue generation, invest in local infrastructure/equipment, foster networks, capability development and build the volunteer base.

FRRR believes that by upskilling local talent, we're investing in the long-term sustainability of the community. Equally, by investing in more efficient infrastructure, we can reduce operating costs for organisations, helping make them more sustainable. 

Ellimatta ensuring longevity

Ellimatta fun run

Ellimatta Inc is a not for profit incorporated body and its focus is on the wellbeing and development of all young people in the Kinglake Ranges, and they work in partnership with other Kinglake Ranges groups to support, empower and to build resilience in young people. 

"Ellimatta is a very positive place with great facilities where you feel welcome. My favourite Ellimatta activity is our Tuesday Epicure Restaurant night, where we all cook a beautiful dinner and sit around the table while we eat and chat about our day or anything," local youth member.

The Grants for Resilience & Wellness (GR&W) program, funded by the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund (VBAF) is supporting Ellimatta Inc to employ a Youth Development Officer and Executive Officer for three years. Their task is to diversify and increase income streams to ensure long term organisational viability, while still offering high quality youth services to the Kinglake Ranges.

Ellimatta Inc aims to become a sustainable organisation with multiple income streams to ensure they can keep delivering reliable youth activities, programs and practical support that focus on enhancing young people’s social, community, education and economic participation. This project is a key priority for the local community and has strong community support.

Belinda Temby, the Executive Officer at Ellimatta said that when she started in her role in 2015, she quickly saw that the small organisation had a big job ahead.

“Our sustainability plan is well into implementation due to FRRR’s funding and support. We see sustainability as the only way to continue to offer programs and services to our youth. Our Inaugural Fun Run received wonderful support and I feel we are getting stronger. I give thanks to the FRRR team for believing that young people are worth the investment,” said Belinda.

Dalby kinder loos

Doing up little loos

Hygiene and functionality is very important when it comes to bathrooms, and the team at Dalby Day Care Centre in Queensland knew how much its children would benefit from an upgrade to their facilities. Thanks to the Monsanto Fund, a $5,000 grant from the Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities program allowed them to bring their amenities up to regulatory standard, and the kids are happy with the new facilities!

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