The Numbers: FY2016/17 highlights

Thanks to our generous donors and partners, it has been another successful year for FRRR and the rural, regional and remote Australian communities that we support. Together, we’re working hard to strengthen the people, places and prosperity of small communities across the country.

Year in Review

Here is a handful of the highlights for FY2016/17:

  • An increase in the number of donor partners with 590 unique donors and 74 donating more than once;
  • Contributed more than $7.2 million via 776 donations;
  • FRRR distributed nearly $6.7 million to 743 community projects;
  • This included 62 Fundraising Accounts that raised $1,253,886. FRRR granted $1,035,518 to these community-driven projects;
  • 2,285 applications were received across 24 active grant programs;
  • FRRR staff fielded 2,478 phone calls from community groups, spending the equivalent of 55 days on the phone and participated in more than 60 conferences, events, panels and round-tables.


Granting Highlights


Supporting Fundraising


Grants by State          Grants by Focus Area


To review the full run down of FRRR's FY 2016/17 highlights, click through to the Annual Review.




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