Supporting Lifelong Learning, Education and/or Training

Educating our kids is one of the most important things we do as a society. From early childhood development and fostering school engagement / learning, to helping people access further education and training and supporting general or life skill development, we believe that all Australian’s deserve access to quality education and training, no matter where they live.

We also believe education and learning new skills is a lifelong pursuit and FRRR supports educational projects for all ages and demographics.

Smile Mile Bus

This toy library covers miles for smiles

Way up in the Northern Territory Top End, children don't have access to the same resources and play and learning opportunities that children in the cities do. The Smile a Mile Fun Bus and Toy Library was established in 1987 to bring enjoyment and learning to rural and remote families.

The toy library is located in the old historical Fred’s Pass Reserve Police Station in Humpty Doo, but the bus travels to thirteen locations. The organisation received a $3,480 grant, funded by the Yulgilbar Foundation through the Small Grants for Rural Communities program to add some great new items to support increased coordination, socialisation, role play, fine and gross motor skills.

Having new toys and equipment for these kids to borrow and share helps their learning and development and also eases the financial burden on parents and communities.

Can-Do Kinds Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln can-do kids

Port Lincoln Special School (PLSS) caters for students with an intellectual disability. With a REAPING Rewards grant of $6,900, PLSS engaged a local film maker to bring their ‘Listen Up; We're the Can-Do Kids!’ project to life. The movie is targeted at potential employers and showcases that with the support of their rural community, the students are capable, competent and can-do. Watch the video here.

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