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Our long-term vision is to have vibrant, sustainable and adaptive communities across rural, regional and remote Australia. We make this a reality by helping communities to access philanthropy so they can address local opportunities and challenges from within.

FRRR offers a number of resources and services that benefit not-for-profit community organisations in rural, regional and remote Australia, supporting a wide range of charitable projects.

We are the only national organisation offering small, discretionary funds to small rural, regional and remote communities across Australia. We operate a number of grant programs, each with its own set of individual parameters and areas of focus that allow communities to respond to the needs of their people, place and prosperity.

To date, FRRR and our donor partners have distributed nearly $100 million in grants to more than 10,000 projects. On average, for every dollar we invest, a further $3 are contributed either in cash or in-kind by the local community. For some communities, the leverage is even greater. This means that together with our fellow donors, at a minimum, we have helped to implement $386 million worth of projects, all of which enhance the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australian communities.

For more information, visit our Grants pages.

Beyond Grants

In addition to granting, FRRR offers a number of resources and services to communities and community groups.

The pages below outline the services we offer not-for-profit community groups:

  • Fundraising Accounts: FRRR’s Not-for-Profit Fundraising Accounts enable organisations to fundraise tax effectively and access philanthropic support for FRRR to fund their overall capacity (only if a charitable organisation) and / or agreed specified projects, in line with FRRR’s charitable purposes. Partnering with FRRR in this way can open up access to philanthropic funders, as well as other donors who may desire a tax-deductible receipt.
  • Community Foundations: FRRR supports Community Foundations as an effective way of developing and delivering place-based philanthropy. Such groups are ideally placed to support local activities and facilitate grassroots philanthropy because there are many people who choose to give locally. Community Foundations can also partner with FRRR to leverage FRRR’s unique DGR1 tax status to effectively and efficiently redress the disadvantage rural, regional and remote communities face in accessing philanthropic funding.
  • Resources and FAQsa list of informative resources and FAQs. This includes tips, tricks and links to valuable information to help grant-seeking organisations put their best foot forward, including advice on what makes a good grant application and a project planning tool that makes writing your grant application a lot easier.
  • FRRR eNewskeeps you abreast of upcoming grant programs, as well as shares best practice from other community groups.
  • FRRR's social media sites: TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. Follow us to learn about funding opportunities from other organisations, as well as our activities.

If you can't find the support you need on these pages, FRRR's friendly team will be very happy to chat with you about your project or community challenge. You can reach us at 1800 070 020 or by emailing

"When the community is responsible for the upkeep of their community hall, it becomes quite a financial burden at times.  It is very difficult to obtain funding for projects for these halls as they are seen as a poor investment.  

Without organisations such as FRRR offering these grants, I doubt it would be possible for community groups to be able to continue the upkeep of these halls to a standard that is safe for everyone to use. I found through my research that FRRR is really the only organisation that supports grants for historical halls. Your process to apply for grants is easy and very simple to follow. 

Thank you for your support; not only to allow us to improve our hall, but for the many other community halls that you have supported over the years. It is reassuring that there are organisations that understand that all communities - large, small and remote - rely on a meeting place for the township and their surrounding areas to have access to."

Petria Dufty, Treasurer, Banana & District Community Association - SGRC Grant Recipient

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