Giving Sub-Fund Accounts

FRRR’s Giving Sub-Fund Accounts are a product that have been designed to enable donors to partner with FRRR formally. Through the FRRR partnership, donor partners can utilise FRRR’s unique tax status to attract funding from any entity (such as Item 2 DGR donors e.g. PaFs, PuAFs, Trusts and Foundations; and non-DGR listed donors e.g. high net worth individuals), as well as support projects outside the remit of their own operational scope as no special tax status is required for FRRR's grantees. This enables donors to partner with us in ways which are beyond FRRR’s usual standard operations and grants programs.

Giving Sub-Fund Accounts broaden the reach of both the Donor partner and FRRR’s philanthropy into rural, regional and remote Australia, via the operation of boutique giving programs through the partnership.

These accounts ensure that FRRR’s unique tax status is made available to the philanthropic sector as a whole, and used effectively and efficiently to address the disadvantage rural, regional and remote communities face in accessing philanthropic funding. 

Once established, Giving Sub-Fund Accounts operate outside of FRRR programs and can fit with community and donor needs, enabling a fast turn-around of funds to grant recipients. The Giving Sub-Fund Account can be used outside of formal grant rounds for ad hoc support of projects in line with the approved purpose of the Fund. Donors may choose to make one gift to FRRR to be managed as a multi-year grant program to organisation/s, or multiple grants for an issue, population or geography. Once a Giving Sub-Fund Account is established, Donors can request a variation or extension of purpose to the Fund, should giving preferences change.


FRRR Application process for Giving Sub-Fund Accounts

A Giving Sub-Fund Account within FRRR’s Public Fund can be opened when a donor wishes to support grass-roots localised charitable activities. Typically, when a donor has identified an opportunity to run a grants program for the benefit of regional, rural and remote Australian communities, and there are insufficient eligible deductible gift recipient (DGR) organisations in the region/s to grant to, they can apply to open a Giving Sub-Fund Account. 

Further information

Please contact FRRR Philanthropic Services via with a brief description about your organisation and the activities and beneficiaries you would like to support through this account, and we will send you a Giving Sub-Fund Account Information and Application Kit. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the office on 1800 170 020.

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