Patrick Myer

Patrick MyerPatrick Myer joined the FRRR Board in September, 2013, as the representative of the Sidney Myer Fund.

Patrick has been involved with the Myer Foundation for many years and is a former Convener of the G4 Committee and a past member of the Environment Committee.  Patrick is currently a member of the Arts and Humanities Committee.

Patrick has a strong commitment to rural and regional Australia, having been involved in cropping and horticulture, particularly the emerging Australian olive industry. He has also studied in the field of Geosciences at the University of Tasmania and Monash University.

Patrick has worked as a guide in the Tasmanian bush and volunteered on the Island for 10 days during the Tasmanian Biannual Arts Festival.  He is passionate about the Tasmanian wilderness, regional arts as well as social and environmental impacts of the resource industry.

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