Investing in Not-for-Profit Capacity in Regional NSW

Investing in Not-for-Profit Capacity in Regional NSW (INFPC) is a 12 month place-based program in three bushfire affected communities, being Bega, Taree, and Glen Innes. This program aims to support the resourcing and capacity of grassroots not-for-profit organisations in these communities, helping them to respond and thrive in the face of current challenges.

The Paul Ramsay Foundation and FRRR have partnered to offer a program of activities including local workshops, grant funding, skill development and networking to help create local solutions to local issues.

This program is for designated partner communities only, and not for public application.

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Program Aim

FRRR believes that local leaders are best placed to understand their community and identify strategies and next steps to contribute to a strong and resilient NFP sector. The aim of this program is to strengthen the resourcing and capacity of locally-governed community organisations to support relevant, effective, and timely recovery support and foster an inclusive community-led recovery process.

This program seeks to:

  • Support community-led recovery in three NSW bushfire-affected communities;
  • Support locally governed rural, regional and remote not-for-profit organisations to be strong, resilient members of robust local community sectors, enhancing their ability to fulfill their missions with greater impact; and
  • Build an understanding of each community’s not-for-profit sector – their strengths, challenges, and future priorities.

Key Program Activities

  • Online Workshops – held in Bega Valley and Glen Innes Severn in May 2021 (Taree region TBC) to:
    • Establish awareness of the program
    • Promote the opportunity for one-off grants
    • Assess theme and focus of future local community workshops (e.g. skills and training, governance support, developing fundraising strategies or strategic plans).
  • Capacity Building Grants – one-off grant support for not-for-profit organisations (approximately $140,000 available to each community) to increase resourcing and delivery capacity and strengthen their operations for the longer term.  
  • Capacity Building Workshops – two per community (held June – December 2021), with each community to determine the themes / focus most valuable to them.
  • Learning & Sharing three Community NFP Insight Reports – a resource informed by the community, for the community, incorporating future priorities and directions.

Upcoming workshops:

How can we create stronger organisations for a stronger community?

FRRR is inviting local leaders of not-for-profits and community organisations to join an online workshop. The workshop will introduce the new grassroots program and grant opportunity, give local leaders the chance to brainstorm the key priorities and challenges they are facing, and identify how INFCP can support them to address any resourcing and capacity needs.

We would love for you to be able to participate in one of those workshops. Please register via the links below.

Bega Valley workshop: Wednesday
19 May

11.30am – 1.30pm

Glen Innes Severn workshop: Thursday
20 May

11.30am – 1.30pm

Taree region workshop:
Date to be confirmed

Time to be confirmed

For more information about the INFPC program, please contact Philanthropic Services Manager Jo Kemp or Philanthropic Support Officer Fiona Bradshaw or call 1800 170 020.

“We were delighted that Natalie Egleton and Joanna Kemp visited our service in Bega NSW. It was a great opportunity to speak to the people who make FRRR important to regional and rural Australia. The grant [for the freezer] will make BVMOW a more resilient and innovative community service in the Bega Valley. The mobile freezer will address food insecurity in the valley and improve people’s lives.

Thank you Natalie and Joanna. Thank you FRRR.”

David Atkins, Manager, Bega Valley Meals on Wheels, March 2021


Drought recovery – GLENRAC style

For 31 years, GLENRAC has been supporting landholders in the Glen Innes region. They received a Tackling Tough Times Together grant to deliver a series of workshops to the farming community focusing on drought management techniques and sustainable agriculture.

Wingham’s plan to keep the circus in town

In the rural town of Wingham, NSW, Circatus’ Train the Trainer project develops local skills to enhance the capacity and sustainability of an important creative outlet for youth, thanks to funding from the Strengthening Rural Communities program.

Grant helps the show go on in Bega

Funded through the In a Good Place grant program, My Black Dog’ was a powerful youth-centric research and performance project, that set out to learn about and support the mental health of young people living in the regional community of the Bega Valley, NSW.