Investing in Rural Community Futures NSW South Coast

Investing in Rural Community Futures aims to strengthen local not-for-profit (NFP) organisations and ultimately enable them to thrive.

With the support of The Snow Foundation in 2020, FRRR launched the program in the Shoalhaven region, with a focus on boosting the confidence, ability and skills of not-for-profits in UlladullaBatemans Bay and Nowra.

In 2021, with additional support from Bendigo Bank, the IRCF program is able to extend its support of not-for-profits in the area to include the Bay & Basin communities.

This program is for partner communities only, and not for public application.

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Start-Up Grants announced

The communities of Ulladulla, Batemans Bay and Nowra have received $573,018 for a total of 21 projects in the IRCF Start-Up rounds. This diverse group of organisations will be provided with practical support and funding so they can be stronger, more resilient, and continue to fulfill their purpose. The grants will also assist community organisations to manage the dual challenges of bushfire impacts and COVID-19 adaptation. 

Bay and Basin communities will have access to Ongoing Partnership Grants from July.

IRCF Support

The IRCF program also offers a toolbox of support, including access to a facilitator, grants, skill development, and external resources to strengthen community networks and foster social capital through community-led initiatives.

Strengthening NFPs in Nowra, Ulladulla, Batemans Bay and Bay & Basin

The intention of the IRCF program is to provide tailored capacity building support to the NFP’s to help them where they need it most. For the South Coast communities who were devastated by the bushfires last summer, this support is provided within a disaster recovery context.

FRRR has surveyed and consulted with local NFPs to identify and prioritise areas for support. From March to July 2021 the program moves into the co-design phase, working with local facilitators Campfire Coop and representatives of a wide range of local NFPs to develop their community roadmaps (capacity plans) and identify their unique needs from the IRCF strategic priorities.

Our community partners

The South Coast communities of Nowra, Ulladulla, Batemans Bay and Bay & Basin are partnering with FRRR in the IRCF program until 2024.

FRRR will work alongside these communities to develop their community roadmaps in the first half of 2021. Upon publication, the Ongoing Partnership Grants will be open until 2024 to support the realisation of those plans. 

Explore the sections below to learn more about each community as they continue on their IRCF journey.

If you have questions at any time, email the IRCF South Coast Manager Carolyn Ardler.

If you have significant issues accessing a stable internet connection, please contact our team to discuss an alternative way of applying:
Ph: 1800 170 020 or Email:

Learn more

For more information on the Investing in Rural Communities Program, please contact IRCF Program Managers Nancy Sposato (VFFF sites), or Carolyn Ardler (NSW South Coast sites).