Gifts in Wills

Bequests are often referred to as the gift that never stops giving.

A bequest is simply a donation left to a charity of your choice, given via your Will, once you have taken care of your family and loved ones. You can direct that it be used for a specific purpose or cause, or to support an individual community. Or you can leave it up to FRRR  to apply it where there is greatest need. You could either make a one-off gift, or hold the funds in a trust that distributes the income in perpetuity, as you direct in your Will.

By leaving a bequest to the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR), you can help improve the quality of the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australia – both now and into the future. You will also be helping to address inequity and disadvantage, and create strong, resilient and sustainable communities.

Leaving a charitable gift in your Will doesn’t require much time or a lot of money. Bequests of any amount can have an impact far greater and more lasting than you might expect.

There are several ways that you can structure a bequest:

  • Give a specified amount.
  • Give a percentage of the overall value of your estate.
  • Give real estate or an investment. This could include shares, artwork, jewellery, property etc.
  • Making a residual gift – which is a share of your estate after providing for family and friends

Making a gift to FRRR

If you decide to leave a gift to FRRR in your Will after you have provided for those you care about (i.e. to make a bequest), please talk to a solicitor.

You’ll need to tell your solicitor the following:

  • That you want to leave a gift to FRRR.
  • Who you want to benefit from your gift. It could be a particular demographic – e.g. young children, school age children, working mums, older people. Or you could decide to just leave it up to FRRR.
  • Where those people are located – in a particular town or region only, statewide, or nationally.
  • What kinds of issues you want to support. You can be specific (e.g. education, aged care equipment or art projects) or general (e.g. “current needs so FRRR can respond to the changing needs of the community”). Or you may just wish to support FRRR’s ongoing operation.

Please let us know that you plan to leave a bequest. That way, we can get to know you and make sure we understand your wishes.

Why give via FRRR?

  • Funds can go exactly where you want them to
  • We are efficient 
  • We are locally driven
  • We diligently assess the organisations and projects
  • We reach community groups Australia-wide

Leave a Bequest to FRRR

Contact us

We understand the importance of a decision of this nature, and invite you to contact our CEO or call (03) 5420 2399 to discuss how your bequest may be used.