Volunteers play a vital role in the social fabric of many remote, rural and regional communities. Without volunteers, not-for-profit organisations in these communities could not run social events, assemble working bees, or in many cases even apply for grants.

A great way to get started is to ask around in your networks and local area:
  • Check community noticeboards for opportunities.
  • Check with your workplace, they may have a formal workplace volunteering program in operation or you could be the one to get the ball rolling on a program.
  • Check for regional volunteering portals.

If you are able to offer your time and talent, you shouldn’t need to look far. Opportunities abound to grow and learn in volunteer roles, and if you have specific skills to contribute, whether they be gardening or governance, you’ll be making a tangible difference in the community.

Here are some other volunteer matching portals and directories you might find useful:

Volunteering Australia
Volunteer opportunities via ProBono Australia
ACNC guide to Donating and Volunteering
Volunteering opportunities via Rural Aid
Go Volunteer – an initiative of Volunteering Australia
Volunteering for businesses through GoodCompany
Virtual volunteering platform

FRRR welcomes the chance to work with skilled volunteers and draws on directories when we have particular needs.