Workplace giving

Giving a little makes a difference to many

Workplace Giving is an effective way for employees to make regular donations to causes they are passionate about. As an employee, you decide to donate a set amount each week, which comes out of your pre-tax pay. It’s win-win: you pay less tax, and your chosen charity gets much needed funds.

Workplace Giving is usually managed through an employer’s payroll system. It’s also great for employers. It can demonstrate your commitment to giving back – helping to build your culture, strengthen employee engagement, enhance your brand and have a meaningful impact in the communities in which you work.

How much should you give?

Whatever amount you are comfortable with. Even the smallest donation can make a difference … just $5 a week ($260 per year) can have a big impact. Here’s what $260 could do for a rural community:

  • Help five children in need with a Back to School voucher to start the school year with school supplies and wearing the right uniform to maximise their learning and help them fit in.
  • Buy a printer so a community group can publish a newsletter to help connect community members.
  • Purchase paint to help refurbish a community meeting place.

Employers can make a bigger difference by matched giving!

By employers matching their employees’ donations to FRRR, dollar for dollar, they can demonstrate their commitment to rural communities.

Five reasons to give via FRRR

  1. We can reach rural community groups that often can’t access tax deductible donations.
  2. We rigorously assess the organisations and projects that receive grants.
  3. Funds can go exactly where you want them to – a cause or a specific location.
  4. All grant recipients have to report back on how they used the money, and what they achieved.
  5. FRRR’s administration costs are low.

Contact FRRR and we’ll help you set up your Workplace Giving program to support rural, regional and remote communities across Australia

Workplace Giving is for all organisations.

FRRR has created a quick and easy guide to Workplace Giving to help you get started.

Workplace Giving isn’t just for large employers with complicated payroll systems. There are free resources, consulting advice and online platforms to help organisations of all sizes to easily set up a Workplace Giving program.

If you are new to Workplace Giving, here is how to get started:

  1. Register your interest in Workplace Giving to FRRR and one of our team will be in touch.
  2. Review the ATO Workplace Giving Guidelines to learn all you need to know.

FRRR is registered with Goodcompany, among other platforms. These organisations specialise in helping employers develop effective Workplace Giving programs. They operate platforms that manage the administration requirements, reducing the burden on your organisations and helping your staff connect with and support the causes that matter to them.

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