Leverage & Broker

Connecting good will with good purpose

FRRR plays a key role in connecting funding from philanthropy, government, business and individuals with projects that local remote, rural and regional communities prioritise. We do this through a mix of collaborative granting programs, and by facilitating tax-deductible donations and grants for their activities. These partnerships further FRRR’s mission and play an important role in connecting more funding with community-driven ideas and solutions.

We are in the unique position to be able to do this because of FRRR’s special tax status, which allows us to direct funding toward virtually any charitable project that offers a broad community benefit. But it’s more than funding. We also leverage our knowledge and networks to support innovation, self-generation and unlock more giving to address remote, rural and regional needs.

Our Fundraising Accounts allow not-for-profits the ability to access support that as a non-DGR organisation they may otherwise be unable to access, at the same time as helping funders to target their giving and enhance their reach and impact.

Our offering includes Giving Sub-Funds, a high-value and high-impact donor-advised offering for corporates and Foundations seeking a tailored program that supports their interests. We are also building collective funding mechanisms to scale efficient access to funding for remote, rural and regional communities, and ensure that support is there when they need it.

All these partnerships further FRRR’s mission and play an important role in connecting more funding with community-driven ideas and solutions.

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Leveraging and Brokering in Action

This reporting period, FRRR secured donations from more than 2,200 entities and individuals, totalling $19,303,147 (after fees). The majority went toward FRRR’s core, collaboratively funded grant programs, however, within this we also saw $2.7M donated to Not-for-Profit and Community Foundation Fundraising Accounts. We also secured $5.2M via Giving Sub-Funds.

A further $224,000 was also contributed toward our Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund, which will be invested alongside the funds donated last year, to ensure that FRRR can continue to support community groups in their disaster preparedness and recovery.

Below are some examples of the impacts of some of these partnerships and the work that FRRR does to connect good ideas to the investment they need to become reality.

Fundraising for Farmers for Climate Action
NFP Fundraising Account

Farmers for Climate Action (FCA) focuses on raising awareness in agriculture that it’s time to act on climate change. They have spent the last few years building their foundations and growing their programs, which not only inform and educate, but are facilitating lasting change at a grassroots level. FCA established a Fundraising Account with FRRR in 2017 to allow them to leverage FRRR’s special tax status to bolster their fundraising whilst they sought to obtain DGR endorsement. In total, more than $823,340 was raised through the account.

Mirboo North Community Foundation
CF Fundraising Account

The Mirboo North and District Community Foundation’s (MNDCF) partnership with FRRR through a Community Foundation Account has helped them build a strong community through giving, facilitating and investing. Two recent investments include the Mirboo North Community Pool and a new Medical Centre. MNDCF has also partnered with FRRR’s Back to School program since 2012, distributing more than $38,000 over this time. A great example of place-based giving supporting the local needs.

Leveraging an FRRR grant

In western NSW, the Sunset Strip Progress Association (SSPA) received a $142,897 grant from FRRR’s Tackling Tough Times Together program to support local economic strength and renewal by constructing the Sunset Strip Boulevard Walk of Fame. The goal was to attract more visitors and help stimulated the local economy. They were able to further leverage that grant to secure nearly $300,000 more, including funding for more murals, public amenities, including toilets and an adventure playground, and signage to direct people to the Walk of Fame.

Visy Tumut Region Recovery Fund

Among the first donors to approach us – just weeks after the 2019/20 bushfires – was The Pratt Foundation. With a long-term commitment to the region and with Visy having many employees directly affected in the Tumut area, they wanted to activate their support for immediate recovery needs quickly, with grassroots reach. FRRR established a Giving Sub-Fund, known as Visy Tumut Region Recovery Fund, and got to work connecting with local organisations and encouraging applications for community-identified needs and priorities. In total, FRRR awarded 36 grants valued at $970,136. In this reporting year, that included 13 grants valued at $241,386.

Thank you to our donor partners

We greatly appreciate your generous support, and the trust you place in FRRR to connect your good will with the great ideas that local leaders have for creating vibrant remote, rural and regional communities.