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FRRR – More than money

A huge amount of people-power and support for community organisations sits behind every FRRR grant program, which means we offer much more than just money for remote, rural and regional communities.

We spend thousands of hours on the phone each year, working with community leaders to shape their projects, complete grant applications and point them in the direction of other funding sources. Our passionate team also spends time on the road, meeting with local leaders, visiting communities and running workshops to build local community capacity. All of this ensures that grant money gets to the communities who need it most.

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Five reasons to donate to FRRR

  1. We are locally driven – so funds go to where communities most need them.
  2. We reach community groups that often can’t access tax deductible donations.
  3. We diligently assess the organisations and projects that receive grants, so you can be confident that your money is going to make a difference.
  4. Funds can go to things that matter to you. It could be to a particular cause such as education, disaster recovery, aged care, environmental initiatives or culture and arts projects, or to a particular location.
  5. We are the only national foundation focussed on investing in remote, rural and regional communities so we are able to observe, identify, understand and respond with funding to the challenges and needs of these communities.

“The main benefit was the valuable training provided to the arts worker. A young Indigenous woman, she has become the driving force behind the development and running of the centre. While we have secured funding from the Commonwealth Department of the Arts to continue her employment, we would not have got to this stage without support from FRRR. While not our biggest financial partner, FRRR’s contribution towards our project was critical at an important development phase. Many projects fail at this juncture between getting the ideas and finding substantial financial support. We appreciate the flexibility FRRR has shown — something not evident in some government funding programs. This is one of the major strengths of the philanthropic movement.”

Engawala Arts Centre Aboriginal Corporation, NT (SRC 2021 – funded by The Yulgilbar Foundation)