Explore the different ways that you can give through FRRR and make an impact.

Your donation supports vibrant, resilient and revitalised
remote, rural and regional communities.

Your support puts communities in control

FRRR is inspired and driven by the needs and abilities of the community. Our programs are designed to provide support for what they tell us they need. After all, they are on the ground, and they are best-placed to know what will really make a difference.

That’s why we ask our donors to consider supporting our core grant programs. Our flagship Strengthening Rural Communities program is flexible and allows communities to apply for funding for whatever they need – including the kitchen sink. But unfortunately, it’s the program where we have least discretionary funding – last year, we could fund only 47% of requests.

Do you hold a Private Ancillary Fund?

FRRR has a track record in helping Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs), including Family Foundations and donor advised Public Ancillary Funds (PuAFs), direct their support to where its needed, while still reflecting preferences for particular geographies (eg. State or region) and/or themes interests and priorities (eg. Arts, education, mental health & wellbeing).

The Foundation’s specific DGR-1 listing and broad charitable remit allow it to grant to not-for-profit organisations conducting charitable activities across remote, rural and regional Australia. This means our grantees do not have to be an ACNC registered charity, nor do they have to be DGR-1 endorsed.

This means that PAFs and PuAFs can give to FRRR, obtain a DGR-1 receipt, and your donation can reach the far corners of Australia, through grassroots organisations who are often otherwise restricted from receiving your philanthropic support.

So, if you want your charitable giving to make a direct impact through grassroots community organisations across remote, rural and regional Australia, have a chat with us about how we can help.

Where we most need support

Flood Recovery Appeal
Flood Recovery Appeal

Once again, FRRR is ready to support the recovery of communities in rural regional and remote areas in response to the 2022 flood emergencies across Australia.
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Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC)
Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC)

Our SRC program provides flexible funding so community leaders can address whatever issues they face. This could range from enhancing local community meeting places to providing resources for a kinder, or even transport for the elderly. 

Back to School
Back to School

Back to School (BTS) is a national program that focuses on rural and regional children and families in need. Gift vouchers valued at $50 are redeemable at local stores for items such as school uniforms, clothing, shoes, school bags and stationery.

Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund
Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund

This Fund ensures that FRRR can support community recovery, long after the headlines have faded. It also funds preparedness initiatives because communities that are better prepared recover better from a disaster event.
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Revitalising Rural Australia
Revitalising Rural Australia

COVID-19 has meant that most small community groups haven’t been able to fundraise through their normal channels. Help them continue to support their local communities, as we find a “COVID-normal”.
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bushfire recovery, bushfire support
Bushfire Recovery

Following the catastrophic summer of 2019/20, the Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) program has been expanded to offer funding to support recovery in bushfire-affected communities. Many needs are only now emerging, and will do for years to come.

Make an impact your way

Five reasons to donate to FRRR

  • We are locally driven – so funds go to where communities most need them. 
  • We reach community groups that often can’t access tax deductible donations. 
  • We diligently assess the organisations and projects that receive grants, so you can be confident that your money is going to make a difference. 
  • Funds can go to things that matter to you. It could be to a particular cause such as education, disaster recovery, aged care, environmental initiatives or culture and arts projects, or to a particular location.
  • We are efficient – our administration costs are low and so virtually all of your donation will go directly to groups in need.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what community groups and our donor partners say they find most helpful about working with us and where they see that we add value.

FRRR is a charitable foundation whose vision is for a vibrant, resilient, and revitalised remote, rural, and regional Australia. In every action, FRRR seeks to further our vision – in our grant-making to not-for-profit organisations, conduit funding partnerships, insights, choice of investments, and choice of donor partners. FRRR acknowledges the tensions that exist in the social, economic, cultural, and environmental opportunities and threats to remote, rural, and regional communities. We act with ethical exclusions, and positive screens – and take steps to consider and articulate how each of our choices contributes to positive social, environmental, cultural, and economic change across remote, rural, and regional Australia.

“You have no idea how much this is appreciated. With the fire and everything, the things that are so needed are simple items as socks and underwear. The soot and dust goes through everything. Thanks you so much, not many people realise just what we are going through.”
Back to School Voucher Recipient