Supporting locals to create vibrant, resilient and revitalised communities

Connecting good will with good purpose is inspiring work. In this section we connect you with ideas and action being led by remote, rural, and regional communities, that are making a real and lasting difference to the wellbeing, vitality, and resilience of their people, places, and environments.

A journey of cultural enrichment

Over the past five years, the IRCF program has expanded our knowledge of local indigenous culture through an array of touchpoints, workshops, group discussions, events and training sessions.


Communication strengthens Tomerong

The Tomerong School of Arts in NSW has been a community owned and managed facility since 1926 and they recently sought funding to increase communication with their constituents.


Djinda Ngardak feeds 2023 Dust Up

Live To Tell Your Story Inc (LTTYS) received an FRRR SRC Grant to assist in delivering their annual culinary program Djinda Ngardak alongside the 2023 Desert Dust Up.