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Your support puts communities in control

FRRR is inspired and driven by the needs and abilities of remote, rural and regional communities. Our programs are designed to provide support for what each community tells us they need. After all, community-led organisations are the ones on the ground, and they are best placed to know what will really make a difference.

That’s why we ask our supporters to consider supporting one of our core grant programs:

Thank you for supporting our project with your generous grant. There is no organisation like FRRR that exists specifically to support rural and remote projects. We are so grateful for the important and unique work of FRRR. We would not have been able to have such a successful year without your contribution. We are excited to keep growing and reaching our goals, and maintain a lasting reciprocal partnership with FRRR that goes beyond just a grant cycle.   

Vanessa and the Team – Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education (The Pertame School): “Ngketya Nwernaka Ilkerta Mparetyeka” Making Our Language Strong, Pertame Master-Apprentice Project 

Ways to Give

Click on the tabs below to explore your options for partnering with FRRR.

FRRR is inspired and driven by the needs and abilities of remote, rural and regional communities.

Our programs are designed to provide support for what each community tells us they need. After all, these community groups are on the ground, and they are best-placed to know what will really make a difference.

These communities deserve better support and have a huge range of projects that need funding. Sometimes it can be very basic things like a split system air conditioner for the public hall, so community activities can continue on even the hottest or coldest days. Other times, it can be to assist communities recovering from natural disasters, such as purchasing new equipment to support volunteer emergency responders or supporting children and families impacted by bushfires to process complex emotions resulting from trauma.

The sections below outline some options for giving to FRRR today, so that together we can support communities beyond the big cities and make a positive impact in the short term.

Get in touch with FRRR’s Partnerships team to discuss how you can make a meaningful difference to remote, rural and regional communities.

Remote, rural and regional communities have immediate needs to make where they live stronger and more vibrant but FRRR also looks to the future and plans for the long-term to support these communities.

There are currently two options for giving for the long-term. Both options are Endowment Funds, so that income from investments grow the Funds, which are sub-funds of FRRR’s Public Fund. A portion of the annual income from investments will be distributed via grants. This ensures that the corpus of the Funds grow, subject to investment market returns.

Donations and gifts are pooled together and donors will be kept informed of the Funds’ value and the impact of grants made possible with donations.

FRRR’s Board and its Finance & Audit sub-committee will safely steward these sub-funds over the long-term, investing conservatively alongside FRRR’s existing corpus. This means donations to these long-horizon sub-funds will be leveraged time and time again, ensuring they keep having an impact, rather than being spent once.

All donations and gifts to a sub-fund of FRRR’s Public Fund are tax-deductible in Australia.

Make a lasting difference in remote, rural and regional Australia… through a gift in your will to FRRR.

Including a gift to FRRR in your will means that people and places in remote, rural and regional Australia can access the support they need to continue to create wonderful places to live and work and drive our shared prosperity.

Since 2000, FRRR has delivered in excess of $177 million to more than 14,000 projects in remote, rural and regional towns and communities.

By leaving a gift to FRRR in your will – a bequest – you will be helping to address inequality and disadvantage. You will be contributing to creating strong, resilient and sustainable communities by bringing to life the projects that local communities prioritise.

Bequests are the gift that never stops giving and they are not difficult to set-up. It doesn’t require much time or a lot of money. In fact, any amount can have an impact far greater and more lasting than you might expect.

There are several ways that you can structure a bequest:

  • Give a specified amount;
  • Give a percentage of the overall value of your estate;
  • Make a residual gift – which is a share of your estate after providing for family and friends.

Get in touch with FRRR’s Partnerships Team for more information or to discuss how you could leave a legacy gift to support the sustainability and vibrant future of remote, rural and regional communities in Australia.

Make an impact across remote, rural and regional Australia by giving to grassroots community organisations through FRRR.

FRRR can help Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs), including family foundations and donor advised sub-funds of Public Ancillary Funds (PuAFs), to give to grassroots community organisations in remote, rural and regional Australia that these structured philanthropic vehicles can’t directly support. FRRR can receive donations and give to community groups that reflect preferences for particular geographies and/or themes of interests and priority areas.

FRRR’s specific Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 (DGR-1) listing and broad charitable remit allow it to grant to not-for-profit organisations and grassroots community organisations conducting charitable activities across remote, rural and regional Australia. This means our grantees do not have to be an ACNC registered charity, nor do they have to be DGR-1 endorsed.

This means that PAFs and PuAFs can give to FRRR, obtain a DGR-1 receipt, and donations can reach the far corners of Australia, through grassroots organisations who are often otherwise restricted from receiving your philanthropic support.

Get in touch with FRRR to discuss how your PAF or PuAF Sub-Fund can support remote, rural and regional communities to thrive.

Giving a little can make a big difference.

Workplace Giving is an effective way for employees to make regular donations to causes they are passionate about and for employers to demonstrate their commitment to the community.

For Employees:
– you decide to donate a set amount each week, which comes out of your regular pre-tax salary payment
– you pay less tax, and your chosen charity gets much needed funds.

For Employers:
– helps to build your culture, strengthen employee engagement, enhances your brand
– has a meaningful impact in the communities in which you work.

Even the smallest donation from each pay can make a difference

Just $5 a week (that’s one coffee a week, which adds up to $260 a year) can have a big impact – for example it could:

  • Support access to extra-curricular opportunities for children to enhance their learning.
  • Buy a printer so that a community group can publish a newsletter to let local community members know what’s going on and what’s on offer; or
  • Help a community group to buy paint to refresh their local community hall.
Matched giving makes an even bigger difference!

By employers matching their employees’ donations to FRRR, dollar for dollar, they can demonstrate their commitment to rural communities. It sends a powerful message, at the same time helping to build stronger, more vibrant rural, regional and remote communities.

Workplace Giving is usually managed through an employer’s payroll system. Companies may use their own system or integrate with an existing platform such as Shout For Good, Good2Give, Give Now and Good Company – FRRR is registered with all of these platforms.

Contact us to find out more about establishing your own Workplace Giving program or adding FRRR to an existing platform.

Workplace Giving is one of the rare opportunities employers have to connect with their people on a very personal level. Saying, “We’ll help you support the things you care most about,” is a very compelling proposition and sounds like a company I want to work for!

I have always given to charity and through Workplace Giving, I was able to double my impact as my organisation matches any donation I make. I can make a bigger difference this way. Seemed like a no-brainer to be honest.   

Emma Barton – Origin Energy 

Five reasons to donate to FRRR
  1. We are locally driven – so funds go to where communities most need them.
  2. We reach community groups that often can’t access tax deductible donations.
  3. We diligently assess the organisations and projects that receive grants, so you can be confident that your money is going to make a difference.
  4. Funds can go to things that matter to you. It could be to a particular cause such as education, disaster recovery, aged care, environmental initiatives or culture and arts projects, or to a particular location.
  5. We are the only national foundation focussed on investing in remote, rural and regional communities so we are able to observe, identify, understand and respond with funding to the challenges and needs of these communities.