Vision, Values and Strategy

How we work

Our vision is for a vibrant, resilient and revitalised  remote, rural and regional Australia.

We believe targeted, well-informed investment in people and organisations that are in and of their place will stimulate ideas that lead to actions, both big and small.

Investing in the people and organisations that are connected, who know and understand the local context, and who can mobilise and activate resources can transform a community’s view of itself, and drive its future vitality.

FRRR is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all staff, volunteers and communities we engage with. We have developed our COVID Safe Plan which outlines the processes and procedures we have in place.

Learn more about what makes us different, our values and our purpose and objectives.

Our model

FRRR’s model is layered, and more than money. We believe that doing these things and focusing in these areas helps to create vibrant, adaptive and sustainable remote, rural and regional communities.

We do this by using our expertise to:

We listen, respond and support communities to:

Sustained community-led momentum, not just outcomes

We believe that supporting these things will help to create vibrant, adaptive and sustainable remote, rural and regional communities. Building upon our learnings in the last twenty years, the specific outcomes we strive for are:

  • Communities that can innovate or respond to local opportunities / issues;
  • Greater ability to deal with / respond to individual / community level challenges;
  • Stronger individual and / or community resilience;
  • Stronger local economies;
  • Improved financial security / reduced poverty or financial stress;
  • Enhanced community identity / wellbeing / sense of place;
  • A friendly and inclusive community / stronger social fabric;
  • Promote environmental health / sustainability;
  • More creative / culturally vibrant communities;
  • More engaged / participative community;
  • Optimal start in life for children, starting school ready to learn; and
  • Increased engagement in learning and improved educational outcomes.

Join us to connect good will with good purpose and contribute to a vibrant, resilient and revitalised remote, rural and regional Australia.

What makes us different

We are the only national foundation specifically focused on ensuring social and economic strength in rural, regional & remote areas of Australia by aligning government, philanthropic and local community purpose and investment.

This collaborative approach is proven, allowing groups with a common purpose to come together for common goals, and to leverage their investment.

Our tax status is our superpower: as a specially listed Item 1 DGR entity (see ATO endorsement), FRRR is set up to facilitate tax deductible giving that enables funding to reach community groups and non-profits in remote, rural, and regional communities and supports FRRR to deliver capacity building, leveraging and brokering, and insights work to improve social, economic, environmental, and cultural outcomes. Thousands of not-for-profits in remote, rural, and regional Australia don’t have DGR status and are unable to access philanthropic funding, making FRRR’s tax status and role as a connector of good will with good purposes even more important. All projects we support must be charitable, promote remote, rural and regional renewal, regeneration and development, and be approved by FRRR.

FRRR is a charitable foundation whose vision is for a vibrant, resilient, and revitalised remote, rural, and regional Australia. In every action, FRRR seeks to further our vision – in our grant-making to not-for-profit organisations, conduit funding partnerships, insights, choice of investments, and choice of donor partners. FRRR acknowledges the tensions that exist in the social, economic, cultural, and environmental opportunities and threats to remote, rural, and regional communities. We act with ethical exclusions, and positive screens – and take steps to consider and articulate how each of our choices contributes to positive social, environmental, cultural, and economic change across remote, rural, and regional Australia.

Values and aspirations

We find ways forward

Supporting and making a positive contribution to all those we deal with. You’ll find us nimble and ready to act, but only after we know the big picture, and fine grain detail.

Real-world problem solving

We’re grounded and take a considered, collaborative approach, coming together to make things happen.

Finding common ground

The starting point for all we do. We are curious and community minded, connected and respectful, yet always forward-looking.

Lived experience matters

We believe the best way to lead is through listening, learning and knowing the facts. That’s why we start with evidence but trust our capabilities.

Purpose and objectives

FRRR’s purpose is to ensure the long-term vitality of remote and rural Australia.

We do this by leveraging a variety of tools and expertise in line with the objects set out in our Constitution, which allow us to:

  • Promote, for the public benefit, rural renewal, regeneration and development in Australia in social, economic, environmental and cultural areas.
  • Add value to the work of rural organisations to resolve regional development issues at a national and local level.
  • Strengthen regional capacity for growth, development and adjustment in the context of national and global change.
  • Develop new ideas and methods through thinking, researching, debating, testing and informing to address issues facing regional and rural Australia.
  • Strengthen the regional and rural voice to ensure vigorous regional and rural participation in national growth and development.
  • Provide facilitation services to assist groups to lead and face change so that regional and local communities can choose paths to their futures.
  • Raise money and other resources (both tax deductible and non-tax deductible) for the operation of the national body and the funding of national services and programs to resource rural Australia.
  • Raise money and other resources (both tax deductible and non-tax deductible) for direct use by regions for projects and/or seed funding for local capacity building and funding bodies.
  • Provide expertise and support to local and regional bodies to assist them to raise funds for local capacity building projects and initiatives.