Our Strategy

To make our vision a reality, FRRR works in three ways:

Grant and Develop

It’s far more than money. We also provide coaching and capacity building support. FRRR walks with and beside communities to listen, understand, amplify and support not-for-profit organisations to implement local solutions to local problems.

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Leverage and Broker

Harnessing our tax status, knowledge and networks to support innovation, self-generation and unlock more giving to address remote, rural and regional needs. We connect funds from philanthropy, government, business and individuals to genuine community need. We help funders target their giving, and enhance their reach and impact, as well as build collective funding mechanisms to scale efficient access to funding.

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Insights and Learning

Connecting policymakers, communities and funders with ideas, knowledge and lived experiences that inspire and encourage new or better approaches. We also have a culture of continuous improvement, always seeking to learn and share feedback.

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Our approach is to:

Seed and strengthen – supporting and resourcing social, cultural, economic, environmental and physical infrastructure, services and support

Adapt and evolve – investing in adaptive capacity and ability to cope and grow through disruption

Innovate and renew – supporting communities to test, scale and embed game-changing initiatives.

We focus our efforts in three intersecting areas:

People – investing in the power of people to drive prosperity, by strengthening local not-for-profits, community groups and volunteer-led efforts, through leadership, networks and skill development

Place investing in access to sustainable social and physical infrastructure and service systems to enable vibrant cultures and encourage self-determination.

Disaster Resilience and Climate Solutions – partnering with communities before, during and after natural disasters, and backing locally-led climate solutions that are held in local knowledge of people and place.

The following examples highlight our strategy in action and showcase some of the game-changing work being led by remote, rural and regional communities. Explore others in our Impact section.