Tasmania’s results for FY22 showed a 42.5% increase in the number of applications received, after a drop in FY21, with just over 55% funded from what was requested.

In total, 24 community groups received grants, but 40% of the funding was awarded via a singular Future Drought Funds: Networks to Build Drought Resilience grant ($140,000). Fifty per cent of grants were awarded via the Strengthening Rural Communities program, and 65% of all projects focused on supporting emergency recovery or preparedness.

The main change mechanism community groups used to deliver their grants was through developing awareness, knowledge and skills, with 47% of projects targeted to building community resilience.



24 Grants

Strengthening Rural Communities | Private Donor | $2,244

A mobile boost for Freycinet’s Volunteer Marine Rescue Association

On Tasmanian Aboriginal Country

The Freycinet Volunteer Marine Rescue Association, based in Swansea on Tasmania’s east coast, could only access mobile phone coverage by going outside its building. A combination of poor line of sight to the nearest Telstra tower and a steel building blocked the already weak mobile signal.

An FRRR grant supported the installation of a mobile phone booster. Results after installation showed 100% signal strength inside the building, providing a safety net for volunteers working on site and enhancing community safety, as information on emergency situations can now be accessed without delay.

Slide 1: Huon Valley Council

In a Good Place | CCI Giving |: $9,255

Huon Valley’s mental health community response

On Melukerdee and Lyluequonny Country

Following a number of suicides in the Huon Valley in southwest Tasmania, the community wanted to learn more about mental health and how to support those struggling with their mental health.

Using a $9,255 grant through the In a Good Place program, supported by CCI Giving, the goal was to build community capacity to respond to and prevent suicide and promote mental health through the delivery of first aid training.

Slide 2: Furneaux Historical Research Association

Strengthening Rural Communities | FRRR | $29,924

Putting the impressive geology of the Furneaux region on the map

On lutruwita Country

The Furneaux Historical Research Association in Whitemark on Flinders Island, Tasmania is connecting people to the Furneaux region landscape. The remote island community is made of up of beautiful, rugged vistas.

Now, thanks to the help of a $24,924 Strengthening Rural Communities grant from FRRR, funded by a private donor, an extension of their GeoTrail project is helping locals and visitors to discover more unusual and striking rock formations that tell the story of how the islands originated and evolved.

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