Our Strategy

Our approach

Because every place is different and at a different point in the development cycle, we so strongly support community-led approaches and provide support that’s more than money. We work with local networks to amplify funding into longer term capabilities, momentum and resilience. We do this using three levers:

1. Granting and Development – Funding for not-for-profit community organisations to implement local solutions to local problems;

2. Leveraging and Brokering – Partnering with non-DGR not-for-profit organisations to fundraise, receiving funds on their behalf for an agreed purpose, and activating our networks to offer support; and / or

3. Sharing Insights and Learnings – Sharing knowledge and making connections to advocate for remote and rural communities.

We apply these tools separately, and together to allow communities to:

  • Seed & Strengthen – support and resource core social and physical infrastructure;
  • Adapt & Evolve – build adaptive capacity across communities and enhance their ability to cope and adjust to disruption; and/or
  • Innovate & Renew – test, scale and embed game-changing initiatives.

Our strategy in action

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