Western Australia

Results in Western Australia reflect the targeted outreach and engagement strategy we’ve embarked on to better understand the needs and gaps of these community groups, and how best to focus our support. Granting increased, both in real terms and proportionally, nearly doubling the funding awarded last year (95% increase), and a 93% increase was achieved in overall funds awarded (totalling 7.5% or $1,486,259). Most grants came from our Strengthening Rural Communities program (25; $210,593), although the Future Drought Fund: Networks to Build Drought Resilience program accounted for more than half of all funds awarded in WA (54%) via just 16 grants.



Strengthening Rural Communities | Australia Post | $10,000

Cooling the exchange!

On Noongar and Yamaji Country

Carnamah is a town and farming community 300 km north of Perth in WA. The Exchange is a repurposed heritage building that has been transformed into a multipurpose community and visitor centre. Run by North Midlands Project Inc, it is used on a weekly basis by many local community groups, as well as for the delivery of many other community workshops and events facilitated by North Midlands Project.

North Midlands Project received broad community feedback that people loved The Exchange, but that it got too hot during the warmer months of the year, rendering the space unusable for the best part of four months in the year.

They received a $10,000 Strengthening Rural Communities grant, funded by Australia Post, to go toward installing two large air conditioners in the back section of The Exchange. These machines have transformed the space into one that is now utilised by the community right throughout the year.

David Bright, Executive Director of North Midlands Project, said that they are very happy with the outcome.

“Our many, many thanks to FRRR and Australia Post. The grant is enormously appreciated and will have an ongoing impact to our broader community.”

Slide 1: Big hART

Westpac Foundation Rural Community Grants | Westpac Foundation | $10,000

Pilbara youth learn the digital landscape

On Ngarluma Country

Roebourne is a town in the Pilbara region of WA with a largely Aboriginal population. Over the years, Big hART has demonstrated its ability to engage and work strongly with young people and across different levels of the Roebourne community, using the arts as a catalyst for change.

In 2020, Big hART received a $10,000 grant from the Westpac Foundation Community Grants program to train and create paid employment for four young adults to deliver a digital education resource live to classrooms nationally. The professional development opportunities and practical skills were mentored by professional producers and creative industry practitioners, through a task focused workshop program.

The outcomes from the project exceeded expectations, with incredible results for some of the trainees, one of whom was Simara (pictured right).

Morgan Volunteer Support Group new car meals on wheels SA
Slide 2: Ngadju Conservation Aboriginal Corporation

Strengthening Rural Communities | IKEA Australia | $25,000

Rangers custom trailer enables conservation on Country

On Ngadju Country

The 2019/20 bushfire season devastated approximately one million hectares of Ngadju country in southern WA. Ngadju Conservation Aboriginal Corporation (NCAC) works with the community to increase the understanding of conservation and land management opportunities and assist in building capacity to achieve them. Ngadju Rangers use cultural knowledge refined over thousands of years to care for the environment.

They received a $25,000 Strengthening Rural Communities grant funded by IKEA Australia through FRRR, to fabricate a trailer with hydraulic tipping for use with their tractor to help the Rangers to clear tracks, enabling access to undertake their important cultural and environmental work to repair and protect old growth forests and spiritual sites.

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