Future Ready Volunteers of Kangaroo Island

FRRR’s Nina O’Brien with Kangaroo Island Community Centre Staff

Future Ready Volunteers of Kangaroo Island is a three-year program to support the capacity and resourcing of local volunteers and not-for-profit organisations on the Island to grow and thrive, enabling them to contribute to the important social, environmental, and economic role they play on the Island.

The program is in response to the devastating impacts of the 2019/2020 bushfires on the Island and seeks to support the local community to navigate their recovery journey, take on current challenges, and create local solutions to local issues.

Kangaroo Island Community Centre, under the banner of Junction and Women’s Housing, is the local delivery partner for the program, and their Program Coordinator will engage with not-for-profit and community organisations to understand the interests, challenges and priorities for these groups.

Over the course of the program the community will inform a range of activities such as workshops, events, resources and networking opportunities, all supported by program-specific funding thanks to The Ian Potter Foundation and the Maple-Brown Family Foundation.  

The program is based on FRRR’s core tenet that local people are the experts and are best placed to know what will work for them, when these activities are best undertaken, and in what way they are best delivered.

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Map showing location of Kangaroo Island