For-profit organisations

Thank you for wanting to undertake a project to support remote, rural or regional communities. Unfortunately, FRRR only supports not-for-profit organisations that are incorporated or have an ABN. Projects we fund must have a charitable benefit, and while we know that many businesses and other for-profit organisations (including for-profit / privately owned social enterprises) do great work, FRRR funds not-for-profit organisations.

We also strongly believe that local communities are the ones that need to identify the support that they need. So, if you have a great idea that has charitable purpose and will benefit your community, get in touch with a local not-for-profit or a community group in your area and talk to them about it. If they too think it’s a great idea, they may be eligible to apply for the funding.

You can learn more about what kinds of organisations are eligible on our FAQs page.

Thanks again for your interest in assisting.