Small grants can have a big impact in rural communities

Small grants make a big difference in remote, rural and regional communities across Australia. They help to strengthen their economy; enhance wellbeing and create connections; and build disaster resilience. Small grants also enable communities to take advantage of opportunities, and generally empower locals to create more vibrant, sustainable places to live and work.

They are in high demand and each year, FRRR receives far more requests for small grants than we can fund. In our last small grants round, there were 85 funding-ready projects that we couldn’t support because we didn’t have enough money.

Projects that would enhance community facilities to respond to the changing climate; support those doing it tough or with special needs, like older residents; provide access to music and cultural experiences for younger people; host events that bring a remote community together to celebrate what makes it unique or to recover after difficult times, just to name a few.

Why give to a collaboratively-funded program?

We know from experience that local communities are best-placed to know what their communities need – because every place is different. By contributing to this program, together with a range of our donors, you allow community groups to have access to funds for the things that they prioritise. This could be issues as diverse as health and wellbeing, social connectedness, infrastructure, economic empowerment, organisational capacity and much more. Our collective donations are pooled, and fund the grants we’re able to make through the Strengthening Rural Communities program.

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