Heartbeat of Rural Australia

Every day, we see the vital role that community organisations play in the social, economic, cultural, and environmental resilience and vitality of their communities and regions. We also know that many groups are really feeling the cumulative impacts of natural disasters, and of course COVID-19.

However, while there’s lots of anecdotal evidence, there is very little hard data that accurately captures the value of the important role that community groups and not-for-profit organisations play, or the extent of the impacts of disasters on the capacity of community groups to continue to undertake their critical work.

That’s why we’ve commissioned the Heartbeat of Rural Australia study.

We want to help amplify and give greater authority and influence to these organisations in the design of policies, investments, and solutions for their communities’ sustainability and vitality.

This is an important opportunity for community groups to tell us about their role in their community, what has happened over the last 18 months, and where they need support.

We’ll use this data to inform others including governments, philanthropy, and business about the specific needs of community organisations outside the metropolitan areas, and importantly, which approaches work best to provide that support.

The data will also be made available to community groups to help them better tell their story and drive opportunities for the support they need to strengthen and grow their organisations.

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