Celebrating a milestone – 20 years

2020 marks 20 years since FRRR was founded, and from where we sit, the ‘experiment’ has been a success. The foresight of Baillieu Myer AC and the efforts of the many people that have lent their support have shaped an organisation that is genuinely focused on supporting remote, rural and regional communities.

“FRRR started out as a unique experiment in public policy. It brought together the federal government, philanthropic community and also Australian regional communities, to try and build a new model of how we funded and supported regional Australia.”

Mike Mrdak AO

In light of COVID-19, FRRR held a virtual celebration of the ‘places and faces’ that have helped shape FRRR over the last 20 years. Head to the 20th Anniversary page to hear from some of FRRR’s founders, as well as local community leaders and those who have supported FRRR over the years.

Murgon: One in 1,993

Over our 20 years, FRRR has awarded grants in 1,993 postcodes. One of them is 4605 – Murgon, in south east Queensland, where we’ve awarded nearly $280,000 via 35 grants to 11 organisations.

Over the last 15 years, FRRR and the Murgon community have worked together to support the needs of the region through some of the most challenging times.

Education has been a key focal area, with $60,000 distributed via FRRR’s Back to School program to support 1,200 students in need. For a community that has had to deal with climate vagaries from flood to drought, these micro-grants have helped ease financial stress and helped ensure children start the school year ready to learn.

The Murgon SES played a critical role in supporting and ensuring the safety of the community during the 2011 floods, including performing swift water rescues and transporting medical staff to care for patients in hospital, all without emergency radio contact. They were very grateful to receive assistance from FRRR to fund equipment that provides consistent communication channels for emergency services personnel working around dangerous situations.

The Murgon community is focused on its history, as well as its current challenges and future needs. With FRRR’s support, the community has helped strengthen its sense of place through projects at the Dairy and Heritage Museum and the Cherbourg Historical Precinct. At the same time, there has been investment in building economic strength and sustainability to ensure the community has the tools and skills to deal with the challenges it has faced, and will continue to face, into the future.

“What our community values most about FRRR is its belief in the power of people to build our communities, and that FRRR takes a risk on emerging projects and opportunities – thank you and Happy Birthday!”

Red Earth Community Foundation