FRRR Central Victorian Regional Grants Fund

In its 18 years, the Community Foundation of Central Victoria (CFCV) – which wound up at the end of 2020 – funded hundreds of grants for eligible charities and administered a series of sub-funds and scholarships. Its work positively impacted thousands of people across central Victoria. FRRR is proud to continue, and build on, CFCV’s work with the establishment of the FRRR Central Victorian Regional Grants Fund. CFCV will be the founding donor to this new fund, handing over its corpus, estimated at $600,000.

The FRRR Central Victorian Regional Grants Fund will pool and invest these funds, together with other donations, and award annual grants using the earnings on the Fund.

Initially, the grants will be made via FRRR’s Strengthening Rural Communities program and support not-for-profit community organisations in Central Victoria to respond to local issues with local solutions. The fund will support activities including: education, health and wellbeing, prevention of violence against women and increasing community capacity in rural and regional communities in the Central Victoria region.

“We are immensely proud of the work CFCV has done and I particularly thank CFCV’s the founders, partners, board members and volunteers for their tremendous work over the years. Many people have made significant contributions in both time and money to support the various programs that have strengthened our local communities.

CFCV has a long-standing relationship with FRRR, and we share many of the same core beliefs. That’s why we are confident that the legacy will be maintained, and communities will have access to the support they need for many years to come.”

Penny Wilkinson, Chair, CFCV

The Fund welcomes donations, which will contribute to the Fund’s corpus, enabling an ongoing legacy for Central Victoria for times to come.

If you have questions at any time, contact Sarah Matthee on 03 5430 2399.