Bushfire Recovery Fund

The Bushfire Recovery Fund grant program aims to build the capacity of local organisations playing a central, coordinating or networking role in the recovery of Victorian communities affected by the 2019/20 bushfires. The program will fund organisational initiatives for up to three years to enhance, improve, or sustain their operations, and ultimately strengthen the process of community-led recovery in the medium and long term.

This grant program is by invitation only. An ongoing process of community stakeholder engagement in the declared fire-affected areas in the state of Victoria is informing the development of relationships and funding opportunities with a variety of community organisations. Please see below for grants awarded to date. 

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Sidney Myer Fund

Program Aim

The Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and the Sidney Myer Fund have partnered with FRRR to realise the collaborative benefits of sharing the experience, understanding and networks of both organisations to build the capacity of community organisations that are supporting recovery in Victorian communities impacted by the Black Summer bushfires of 2019/20. We believe directing funding for this purpose is critical to support backbone community organisations by enabling capacity and capability to operate in challenging economic, emotional and ecological conditions. By supporting the objectives of groups that are engaging with their communities on recovery needs, we aim to contribute to informing practice on engaging and encouraging aspirational development projects that support resilience and longer-term recovery from the bushfires.

This grant program is not open for public application. The intent of this approach is to encourage invitees with a supported process and a high likelihood of success, avoid oversubscription of unqualified applications, and reduce the burden on applicant organisations. However, organisations who consider this opportunity to be aligned to their situation should contact FRRR to discuss their needs

How much funding is available? Are there priority areas?

Funding of $950,000 has been made available for this grant program to support around eight or nine capacity building projects for up to three years.

Grants will be made to organisations that are:

  • Locally governed and led and based in the beneficiary community/ies;
  • Fostering local partnerships that help to strengthen grassroots support;
  • Not duplicating existing local services or programs.

A broad range of charitable projects that may build an organisation’s capacity to enhance, improve or increase their operations will be considered under this program, including:

  • increasing resourcing and delivery capacity
  • seeding, piloting or extending youth, education and training initiatives
  • assessing the feasibility of not-for-profit initiatives.

Funds may contribute to:

  • support staffing costs
  • enhancing policies and procedures
  • training for committees volunteer development
  • IT infrastructure, materials, equipment, or facilitation support. 

For more information on the Bushfire Recovery Fund grant program, please contact Philanthropic Services Manager Danielle Griffin.