Telstra’s Connected Communities Grant Program

Telstra’s Connected Communities Grant Program will boost support for communities across remote, rural and regional Australia to enhance liveability with digital solutions that harness the power of connection. 

The program will support community-led efforts that embrace new technology and improve digital literacy or digital capability.

Grants up to $10,000 are available for not-for-profit community organisations that are providing access to information, technology, education and facilities to support their communities to embrace new technologies and ways of working to build social capital and digital capability.

The program seeks to foster: 

  • Liveable communities that have digital capability, and help to equip individuals with the skills to live, learn and work in a digital society;
  • Sustainable communities that are diverse and inclusive, planning for the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of their people and the planet; and
  • Resilient communities that are well prepared and socially connected when disaster strikes with the ability to renew and recover together.
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Round 2 is now closed.

Funding announced in late June 2024.

Recipient Announcements

How to apply

Please read the information on each of the three tabs below to make sure this is the right grant for your project.

If you want to explore other grant options, please go to Find Funding Now.

I have a question, who can I talk to?

For any program related queries for Telstra’s Connected Communities program contact:

  • Danielle Griffin, Program Manager

Ph: 1800 170 020 or Email:

Confirm you are eligible to apply for this grant

To make sure this is the right grant for your community, please read the grant information detailed in the Program Guidelines below carefully. Click on each headline to reveal the detail. If you need to share this information with others, you can download the guidelines below.

PLEASE NOTE: Organisations that were successful in the 2023 Telstra Connected Communities Grant Round 1 are not eligible for funding through the program in 2024.

Gather information to support your grant application

Please read the information below to support the planning and preparation of your project. It also sets out what you MUST include for your project to be considered. There are plenty of helpful resources to support you along the way.

Please contact FRRR if you have any questions about the following information.

Your grant application MUST include:

Need some more help?

We have a large selection of resources on our Grantseeker Resources page to help you along the way.

Submit your grant application via the Grants Gateway

Round 2 is now closed.

Please contact FRRR if you have questions about any aspect of the Grants Gateway online application form.

Helpful resources:

It is time to submit your application. If it is helpful, you can download a sample copy of the application form.

Please read the instructions on how to use the Grants Gateway How-to Guide and have your questions answered with our Grants Gateway FAQs.

Before you submit your application via the online Grants Gateway, please ensure you have:

  • confirmed you are eligible to apply for this grant
  • provided clear information about your project
  • checked that you are an eligible legal entity
  • provided the financial information required
  • created a budget for the project
  • gathered supporting materials
  • spoken to an FRRR contact person where you were unsure of any requirement
  • gathered community support for the project
  • checked the information you are providing to make sure it is clear and relevant to the project

If you have significant issues accessing a stable internet connection, please contact our team to discuss an alternative way of applying:
Ph: 1800 170 020 or Email:

“FRRR’s grant application was clearly set out, staff were friendly and helpful when I had a few questions, and the whole process was easily achievable. We are grateful for the opportunity to receive funding to improve Adavale Lane Community Centre so it can be accessed and used for the benefit of our whole community.”

Danielle Diener, Secretary – Adavale Lane Community Centre Incorporated, SRC R9


Explore other communities projects that have improved resilience and environmental sustainability through enhancing digital capability.

A mobile boost for Freycinet’s Volunteer Marine Rescue Assoc

The Freycinet Volunteer Marine Rescue Association, based in Swansea on Tasmania’s east coast, could only access mobile phone coverage by going outside its building. An FRRR grant supported the installation of a mobile phone booster.

Wardell CORE builds community resilience

A $10,000 grant from FRRR through Telstra’s Connected Communities program has helped the Wardell community be better prepared after devastating floods and ensuing power outages cut off all communication channels in January 2022. They purchased two-way radios and base stations so the community can stay connected and informed during disasters.

Two people sitting at a desk with laptop, computer and tablet in front of them.

Digitally connecting King Island

With the coming of 4G connectivity to King Island, the local Regional Development Organisation (KIRDO) saw an opportunity to take full advantage of the new service. They received a $5,423 Telstra Connected Communities Grant from FRRR, which enabled them to purchase two new laptops and expand their service offering to run digital literacy workshops.