Helping community organisations to fundraise

Helping to fundraise

We partner with selected not-for-profit organisations to help them fundraise for charitable projects that they have determined will help to create a vibrant, resilient community. This could be funding to upgrade facilities, disaster preparedness or recovery projects, or something that increases the community’s sense of place and builds connection, such as leadership training or education initiatives.

View a map of all these community-led projects, or use the buttons below to filter the projects and find one that you’d like to support.

Each of these projects has been thoroughly assessed by FRRR and endorsed by our Board.

FRRR has a unique tax status than means that anyone donating to FRRR, including a Private Ancillary Fund or Public Ancillary Fund, can receive a tax deduction. So, if you want to give to any of the community-led projects listed below, you can request that your donation to FRRR be directed to one of them.