Tailored grants

FRRR’s special tax status means that we can be flexible in the way we work with donors.

Tailored Grants are one-off grants made in partnership with donors who wish to target specific activities, causes or locations outside FRRR’s regular programs or grant rounds. 

Some donors may want to make a one-off donation to support a particular organisation, initiative or interest area in remote, rural or regional Australia but can’t do it directly. This could be because the grant recipient organisation can’t provide a tax deduction, or a donor may wish to remain anonymous.  

In these situations, FRRR can act as a connector between community projects and donors, making a grant in partnership with a donor for a specific purpose.

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“Our members wish to say how grateful we are for the continued, wonderful support of FRRR, and also the Yulgilbar Foundation, for their generosity and interest.
In a small community it is rather difficult to raise funds to maintain Baryulgil Hall, which is now 85 years old! However, we will never give up, and with the help from your amazing organisation, our Hall will continue to provide this essential facility for Baryulgil and surrounding districts.”

Victoria Moorhead – Honorary Secretary, Baryulgil Charity Sports Club, NSW
Tailored Grant recipient FY2015/16

How do Tailored Grants work?

Donors give to FRRR and depending on the value of the donation or desired outcomes, it can be managed as a single one-off grant or a multi-year grant to a remote, rural or regional community organisation. Reach out to the Partnerships Team to discuss.

Tailored Grants allow donors to make donations to projects or organisations outside of FRRR’s granting programs.

Donors can advise FRRR of the project or areas of interest they would like their gift to support, nominate a geography, issue and / or population cohort. Please note that FRRR is not a donor-advised foundation and as such, donors can state their preferences, but can’t make recommendations to FRRR’s committee or Board. FRRR management will consider the donor’s request when inviting applications and deciding on suitable grants to be recommended to the FRRR Board who share the overall responsibility for the final grantmaking decisions. 

Grants are made on a responsive basis as required throughout the year, and typically have a turn-around of eight weeks from receipt of funds to when the funds are distributed. Community organisations make an application and are assessed according to FRRR’s standard assessment procedures. If the application is consistent with FRRR’s charitable objectives and meets our due diligence tests, the grant is recommended by the FRRR CEO and considered by the FRRR Board.

A win-win solution

Tailored Grants benefit all parties involved:
  • Grantees – grant recipients receive a high level of support from FRRR, including online resources, access to staff to provide specific guidance, tips and feedback.
  • Donors – can utilise FRRR’s DGR-1 tax status, deep understanding and professional expertise in funding for rural communities at a reasonably low cost.
  • FRRR – it means we can direct support to address specific local needs in remote, rural and regional communities

Want to know more?

Contact FRRR’s Philanthropic Services Manager, Jo Kemp, on 1800 170 020 or email info@frrr.org.au.

If your organisation doesn’t have Item 1 DGR status, and has a donor wishing to support your work that requires a tax receipt, please direct the donor to speak directly with us.

Tailored Grants FY2022/23 Projects

OrganisationProject Brief Description LocationAmount AwardedDonor Partner
Tumbarumba Start Strong Preschool Incorporated

Tumbarumba Preschool Construction 

Strengthen and support long term recovery in Tumbarumba with funds to enable the build of a new preschool to increase early childhood learning opportunities.

Tumbarumba, NSW$50,000The Pratt Foundation
Wimmera Development Association

Leadership Wimmera 2022 

Build the capacity of individuals to lead community organisations and local enterprises through the delivery of the final stages of the Leadership Wimmera Program 2022. 

Horsham, VIC$50,000The Handbury Foundation
Pyramid Hills Progress Association Inc.

The Majors Vision, Pyramid Hill Art Show 

Increase community engagement and cultural vibrancy in the small town of Pyramid Hill, Victoria, through a week long art show. 

Pyramid Hill, VIC$9,000Private Donor
The Growing Abundance Project Inc

Harvest Program 

Boost capacity of local organisation tackling food security in Central Victoria through support for operational expenses, business, and fundraising planning. 

Castlemaine VIC$14,400 Community Impact Foundation  
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