One dilemma less for Gracemere’s SES

Community stories: 26 September 2017

During significant weather events, Gracemere SES in Queensland is faced with the dilemma of which communities gets assistance first. They have two vehicles, one to go west and the other to go south, however only one vehicle was fitted with a storm and rescue tray.

With the support of a $5,000 grant from the Domino’s Good to Give grant program, the second SES vehicle was fitted with the purpose-built storm and rescue tray. These trays allow for safe and quick access to stretchers, pole saws and ladders plus the ability to carry chainsaws, tarps, sandbags and height safety kits all at the one time.

On the same day that the vehicle’s tray was completed, it was immediately dispatched to assist the Rockhampton SES with storm damage tasks and only weeks later, the local area was impacted by Tropical Cyclone Debbie.  With this new vehicle, Gracemere SES increased its operational response by 26% to achieve over 750 hours of response to the community, including sand bagging, debris clean up, flood boat rescue and temporary repairs.