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Observations from FRRR staff.

Insights from the bush

Donor newsletter Insights: 15 September 2023

The FRRR team share their insights and the key themes observed while working with communities in remote, rutal and regional Australia during Q4 of 2022/23.

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Strengthening community resilience to reduce risk and disaster impact

Insights Thought leadership: 29 August 2023

FRRR's Disaster Resilience and Recovery Lead, Nina O'Brien, shares key insights from this year's Australian Disaster Resilience Conference.

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Connected communities are more capable of enduring future droughts

Insights: 17 July 2023

If agriculture-dependent communities are to be sustainable in the long-term, we must also ensure local people are ready to withstand the pressures that come with extended dry periods.

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Disaster resilience across the Burnett Inland region

Insights: 6 July 2023

Disaster Resilient: Future Ready Program Manager Caroline Larcher has penned some thoughts on the DR:FR program's extension to the QLD Burnett Inland region.

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On-country gatherings are a chance to deepen understanding and strengthen relationships

Insights: 5 July 2023

Program Manager for VIC/TAS/SA, Karly Whelan, reflects on their experience at Woor-Dungin's on-country gathering, held this year on Gunditjmara country.

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Re-imagining youth volunteering in rural, regional and remote Australia

Insights Thought leadership: 22 May 2023

People Portfolio Lead, Deb Samuels, considers how volunteer-run groups can usher in the next generation of volunteers by working with local young people.

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Insights from the bush – March 2023

Donor newsletter Insights: 2 March 2023

Our staff connect with communities daily, whether it be over the phone, via video calls or in person. While every community is different, common themes emerge from what they tell us. Here's a snapshot of what we've heard in the last few months.

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Insights from the Bush: May 2022

Donor newsletter Insights: 30 May 2022

Our Program Portfolio Leads recently presented to the FRRR Board on some of the common issues and themes emerging in funding requests that we are receiving from community groups, and from conversations...

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Rural, regional and remote philanthropy: leadership at the intersections

Rural, regional and remote philanthropy: leadership at the intersections

Insights: 11 February 2022

The Australian Philanthropic Services and Fiona Higgins spoke with FRRR’s CEO Natalie Egleton and Chairman Tim Fairfax AC.

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The Great Resignation or the Volunteer Revolution?

Insights Thought leadership: 10 February 2022

People Portfolio Lead, Alli Mudford, discusses reshaping the concept of 'The Great Resignation' as a 'volunteer revolution' in rural communities.

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