Geelong Grammar’s Institute of Positive Education

Community stories: 28 July 2018

Geelong Grammar School’s Institute of Positive Education Project aims to share the
methodology of Positive Education throughout Australia and to encourage adults to
embed positive psychology tools fostering improved mental health and wellbeing in their
teaching, mentoring and rearing of children.

With an emphasis on improving the wellbeing of those living in rural and regional areas,
the Institute offers Positive Education training and collaborates on Positive Education
research projects. But this isn’t cheap. To raise the funds needed, they are working in
partnership with FRRR, through a Not-for-Profit Fundraising Account.

“The FRRR scheme has provided the Institute of Positive Education with invaluable
assistance towards the development and implementation of several programs and
services for regional schools and communities. These include supporting curriculum
writing, various wellbeing research measurements, and support for specialised training,”
said Wes Smith, Business Manager for the Institute of Positive Education.

“We are enormously grateful to be involved and to be a recipient of this vital funding initiative.”

The fundraising account will additionally work to support research and evaluation that
build scientific evidence for the efficacy of Positive Education.