Mullum Library provides tools for recovery

Community stories: 28 February 2020

When the remains of Tropical Cyclone Debbie delivered extreme rainfall and major flooding to northern NSW in 2015, Mullumbimby alone received over half the annual average in the month of March.

Local community group Mullum Cares saw a need to support individuals, community groups and businesses with access to resources that supported the rebuilding and recovery after the Cyclone Debbie flooding. A high number of residents were also experiencing financial stress with the cost of the clean-up impacting on all areas of life.

With the help of a $12,000 Repair Restore Renew grant, the Mullum Library of Stuff was able to provide affordable access to quality tools and equipment for the Byron Shire community including individuals, families, schools, businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

The Library has 63 members of which three are not-for-profit organisations. There are four dedicated volunteers who commit at least a day a week to the operation and it’s hoped that this will increase.

The library stocks equipment for gardening, catering, cleaning, repairing and playing. Additionally, the Library of Stuff has ten Flood Recovery kits that are stored with moisture control so to be in excellent condition when required after the next flood event. Assets that are categorised as Flood Recovery that are available to lend alongside all the regular items are done so with a clear disclaimer that “In the event that a damaging weather event is predicted or takes place and the Library committee call back all Flood Recovery assets for distribution to those most in need, these items must be returned immediately.”