A blower and mower lifts community spirits

Community stories: 24 June 2021

Situated in the Banana Shire of Queensland, the Theodore Bowls Club, is the only licensed facility where families, including children of all ages, can get together. Since 2014, volunteers have worked hard to improve the facility, including adding junior bowls equipment, which has led to the local school regularly using the facilities and equipment. The venue is also used by the ambulance committee and the local cotton growers group, as well as for private functions and celebrations.

Back in 2016, the Theodore Bowls Club had to say adieu to their trusty ride-on mower and blower vac, as both deemed beyond repair. But their community spirit prevailed and they continued to maintain the grounds, transporting and using their own mowers. 

COVID-19 impacted the Club’s ability to fundraise, as a large proportion of income to maintain the facility, is generated through the bar and meals. So, they were finding it hard to replace the mower. 

However, a $5,000 Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities grant allowed them to purchase a new ride-on mower and a blower vac to assist their 40 strong hardworking volunteer group maintain the green and the surrounding grounds. No longer do members / volunteers have to load a mower on to the back of a Ute or trailer, drive some distance to the Club, unload, use their equipment then reload it and take back home. Members can now go to the Club and retrieve the new ride-on mower and get some mowing done as needed, when it suits them.  

In their final report, they wrote about how proud they are of the facility and what it means to the Club. “We can take pride in a well-presented club and that the younger generation can be included in events and play safely within the Club’s boundaries.

“All members have been the on the mower enjoying our little bit of luxury. They are feeling so much more positive to have equipment that is not borrowed or needs repairing before using. Barry, our disabled Games Director, says it is the best thing since sliced bread. Theodore Bowls Club is greatly appreciative of your generous grant. “