Progress update: November 2021

Partner Update: 17 November 2021

In the last quarter, we approved grants of $5.43M in grants to support 230 projects via 10 programs. The average success rate was 48% – this was from 481 requests, seeking $12.49M. Ninety percent of successful grants were fully funded. For every $1 granted, an additional $1.70 was leveraged in cash contributions and in-kind support.

We are proud to be increasing balance and diversity in FRRR’s work, with nearly double the funding going to projects in remote and very remote locations compared to Q1 last year, and a greatly increased footprint into WA and NT ($.5M this quarter up from an average of $.285M over the last four quarters.)
Here are a few examples of the impact your support has had in communities:

  • Staying connected in the WA desert: despite COVID-19 restrictions, land management needed to continue, as did sharing knowledge and skills. A grant through FRRR meant that the 2020 Southern Desert Rangers Forum could go ahead, even though in-person meeting was not possible across the southern WA community.
  • Dancing in the dirt, despite the drought: a small grant helped a group of WA producers come together when a string of difficult seasons and cumulative disasters had kept most of them isolated on-farm. On a much-needed night off, the 300 guests were treated to a night of music from a live band and a much-needed laugh from a comedian that meant that they left with a more positive outlook.
  • Building artistic skills, despite isolation: Gunbalunya’s Injalak Arts centre in West Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, supports over 350 Indigenous Kunwinjku artists. They provide professional development programmes, workshops, mentoring support and On Country trips to collect art materials. Between the wet season and COVID-19 restrictions, they could not bring in the usual presenters. However, a grant meant they could still pay local artists and professionals to mentor and train. The newly formed media team also learnt live TV production and broadcast skills.

Meanwhile, our 55 NFP and Community Foundation Fundraising Accounts continue to be a great asset to communities, and cumulatively in the last quarter, they have raised $441,433 via 197 donations.
Once again, one of the highest performing account belongs to DeadlyScience, receiving 150 donations in the last quarter for their great work on increasing STEM resources in remote communities.