Nutrien grant provides improved facilities for children’s occupational therapy

Community stories: 8 July 2022

Nutrien Ag Solutions partnered with the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) to invest in meaningful community projects across Australia.

HEADING: Nutrien grant provides improved facilities for children’s occupational therapy. IMAGE: Child on the monkey bars looking at the camera.

In the first round of the Nutrien Ag Solutions Community Grants Program, one recipient was Coonamble Pre School Association.

The pre-school funds and provides an occupational therapy program for local children, which involves tailored physical education programs that aim to develop motor skills critical to school readiness.

The grant was used to purchase a set of monkey bars to be utilised as part of the occupational therapy program with the aim to build children’s shoulder stability, balance, core strength and develop gross motor skills.

Speaking on behalf of the pre-school, Coonamble Pre-School President Jess Lovel described the monkey bars as being a “valued contribution to our occupational therapy program”, playing a “key role in our children’s overall development”.

“The children have been learning to swing forward and backwards, hold and swing while they tuck their legs up and propel themselves forward thus improving their hand eye coordination, building their core, leg, arm and spinal strength and improving their overall health, well-being and posture,” she said.