Better Communication Sounds Good

Community stories: 22 February 2023

The Grants Only Group (GOG ) is a vibrant group of older and younger community members committed to helping community groups in their area succeed with their grant applications. Primarily focused on the Lower Tarwin Valley District in Victoria, dairy farming is an integral part of these communities and the surrounding areas.

While working with many community groups to raise funds for local events and activities, GOG frequently saw groups hiring sound systems. This gave them a bright idea. In 2020, the group successfully applied for a $4,838 Gardiner Dairy Foundation Community Grant to purchase a Community PA System. The grant allowed them to purchase four speakers, tripods and microphones that could be used by organisations and businesses in the townships of Venus Bay, Tarwin Lower and Walkerville. 

Thirty-seven organisations in the area were emailed about the available equipment, who to contact and how they could place a booking for use. Since purchasing the Sound System, there has been high demand. So far, the Community Luncheon Group, Tarwin District Auto & Machinery Club’s Australia Day event, which raises funds for dementia, and Tarwin Mechanics Institute Hall’s Anzac Day service have all had a turn with the new gear. 

Some clever thinking by GOG has created a practical shared community asset that reduces costs and time for the running of local community activities.

GOG President Wendy Don said “By strengthening our community, we are building the foundations for the sustainability of Dairy farming in the Lower Tarwin Valley. All the locals and the many tourists that visit these beautiful Gippsland Dairy Communities will benefit for years to come.”