ANZ Seeds of Renewal

Group of people standing together with gardening gear and some are wearing aprons.
Johnstone Regional Landcare Inc received a $15,000 ANZ Seeds of Renewal grant for the construction of a Potting Shed, to increase capacity for volunteers to pot trees that deliver benefits to environmental initiatives in the Johnstone Region in Far North Queensland.

ANZ Seeds of Renewal is a small grants program designed to help build vibrant and sustainable rural communities, to ensure the ongoing prosperity of regional Australia.

The program demonstrates ANZ’s ongoing commitment to shape a world where people and communities thrive. It is built on two key tenets:

  • Vibrant communities are diverse and inclusive with strong social capital, where everyone can participate and build a better life; and
  • Sustainable communities innovate, expand, and create opportunities that will deliver demonstrable medium to long-term economic benefit to the community, contributing to economic sustainability.
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Held 9 July 2024
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The 2024 program is now open.

Closes 5pm AEST (VIC time), 1 August 2024
Funding announced by late November 2024

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The ANZ Seeds of Renewal program closes at 5pm VIC time (AEST), Thursday 1 August 2024.
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  • checked that you are an eligible legal entity
  • provided the financial information required
  • created a budget for the project
  • gathered supporting materials
  • spoken to an FRRR contact person where you were unsure of any requirement
  • gathered community support for the project
  • checked the information you are providing to make sure it is clear and relevant to the project

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Read more about the impact that these grants have had.

Extending ‘The Grove’ in Atherton

Tableland Community Link Association Inc used a $15,000 ANZ Seeds of Renewal grant to build an enclosed verandah extension at ‘The Grove’ activities centre, which is used on a daily basis by their clients. The extension has added extra cooling, further weather protection and increased the capacity of the centre, which has allowed TCL to increase the number of participants in the activities they hold for clients each weekday.

ANZ Seeds of Renewal 2019 grant recipient Murray Human Services (Vivid)

Enhancing quality of life & access

Murray Human Services received an ANZ Seeds of Renewal grant to improve accessibility for residents living with disabilities. The new ramp includes handrails, a less steep incline, a wider area to manoeuvre wheelchairs, and provides safer access for residents, as well an enhanced quality of life.

ANZ 2020 - Karrkad Kandji Trust Warddeken Rangers

Protecting the Stone Country

Warddeken combines traditional ecological knowledge with Western science to manage and protect one of Australia’s most unique environments. They used a grant to help fund a network of cameras to understand the impact of its own land management practices and programs on the northern quoll.