Partner with us

FRRR was established to harness and connect the collective resources and investments of philanthropy, government, business and individuals and direct philanthropic support to the bush.

The generous support of our 1,150+ donor partners is fundamental to what we do. Some of our donors are listed below, but there are many, many more. We particularly acknowledge our founding members: Commonwealth Government of Australia, and the Sidney Myer Fund.

In addition to receiving donations into our core programs, FRRR works with donors and partners in many different ways – from running a program on their behalf, to collaborating on programs addressing a specific issue, or simply sharing our expertise and networks.

Explore the different ways that we partner with those who want to support rural communities.

Collaborative programs

Many donors have common areas of interest in the issues and communities they wish to support. Pooling resources to fund grant programs puts communities more in control, as well as improving reach and impact on the ground.

Donor-named programs

Some donor partners want to establish a grant program where they have more involvement and receive greater recognition. FRRR offers different models with varying levels of engagement and support.

Grants corpuses

Contribute to, or create, a fund focused on a particular issue or cause to ensure FRRR has the funds to support community needs, as and when they are identified. Donations are invested, and the earnings used to fund grants in perpetuity.

Community fundraising

FRRR partners with several not-for-profit groups and community foundations to help them raise funds for approved community projects, enabling donors to make tax deductible contributions toward these local priorities.

Tailored grants

Tailored grants allow our partners to leverage FRRR’s special tax status to make one-off grants targeting specific activities, causes or locations outside of FRRR’s regular programs.

Advice and support

FRRR has worked with thousands of community groups and hundreds of philanthropists, governments and businesses.
We can draw on these learnings and our deep connection to rural communities to help your design an effective partnership.

“FRRR’s understanding of community development, and of issues facing agriculture generally, has substantially contributed to our strategic and operational effectiveness. It has informed our place-based community approach to philanthropy. Their networks have also been invaluable in turning ideas to reality. They are a highly valued long-term partner.”

Jenny Wheatley, CEO, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Nothing we do could be achieved without the support of our donors and partners.
Your generosity, support and trust is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

“This opportunity will give our community such a boost in reimagining our identity and bringing together the arts community. A creative thinking community will solve their own problems and pave a future that is tailored to their needs – this is what FRRR has enabled Monto to do. We are incredibly grateful to you and your team for your dedication and commitment to distributing funds and empowering communities. We are also deeply moved by the generous philanthropists and donors, the far reaching impact of their financial contribution to rural Australian communities is dynamic and life changing for many.”

Carly Baker-Burnham – The Rex Monto